Lessons & Workshops

(Due to COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, ALL lessons and workshops are offered ONLINE)

Due to COVID-19, ALL lessons and workshops are offered online


Peer to Peer internet server technologies have made significant improvements in recent years, making it now completely possible to have a professional voice lesson LIVE online, (in real-time and in synch) from a remote location, no matter where you live or where your professional engagements may take you.

Clients telecommute to lessons from across town or across the country, throughout the United States, Canada, China, and Europe. Varying time zones allow us to work at the time that is most convenient for YOU! I am available for online lessons during any of the normal studio hours and ADDITIONALLY at various times (AM/PM US EST), depending on your time zone and preference. If you don’t see an available time that fits in your time zone please EMAIL ME with your preference.

My Studio is fully equipped with:

  • High Definition Video Camera
  • Professional grade dynamic microphone and audio interface
  • Professional grade headset for optimum clarity
  • Digital and acoustic piano

There are many ways to connect:

No matter your current level of technology, there are several ways in which we can connect. Some ways offer more high fidelity, some offer lower latency, and some offer both. Filling out the “Technology Assessment” section of the lesson booking form will help me plan how to best meet you online. We can always start on one of the traditional (higher latency, server based) platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, etc. And/or, I will suggest using one or more of these options in order to optimize your experience.

  JamKazam – Low/no latency peer to peer solution for live real-time music collaboration (Audio and Video – www.jamkazam.com)


  Internet Midi – Low/no latency peer to peer solution for live real-time music collaboration (midi connection only    https://timewarptech.com/shop/music-software-apps/software/internet-midi/?v=7516fd43adaa)

– Low Latency peer to peer solution for HIGH FIDELITY audio (https://cleanfeed.net)

I will help you create/choose the right solution for your circumstances. YOU CAN DO THIS!

What you’ll need for an online lesson:

   A webcam (built in or external). Your Current webcam is probably just fine. But, if you want to upgrade your webcam the Logitec HD Pro is a         very good/low cost model.


A microphone (External – USB or XLR [preferred])
If you are not sure about your microphone I recommend The Shure SM58 (this is preferred for PC Computers and will require an Audio Interface)


or the Blue Yeti USB Microphone (OK for MAC Computers)


And, If you need a full audio upgrade (Microphone, Audio Interface and Headphones) here is a great bundle


A high speed internet (Ethernet) connection
An Ethernet “wired in” connection is ESSENTIAL for a good online music experience. A 50 ft Ethernet cable (Cat6 or higher) can be purchased on Amazon for less than $20. Just plug that into your router and voila! You’re good to go.

   An Ethernet Port Adapter can also be purchased if your computer does not have an ethernet port.

And a Powerline Adapter can be used if you simply cannot run an Ethernet cable from Router to Computer.

Please be advised that the quality of the live online experience is only as good as the hardware used to deliver it. The better your mic and Headphones, the better your experience will be. If you need further education on this type of online delivery of music  – here is a very good course offered by Cabaret Hotspot/Cabaret University – “Online Music Collaboration Made Easy”



Start 2021 SINGING with these engaging and interactive voice workshops.


Tuesdays – 7-9pm, “So You Want to Sing” – This applied vocal technique class delivers individualized attention to each student including a technical vocal warm up and repertoire coaching. Class will be delivered via Google Meet, using Cleanfeed high fidelity audio. Students will sing both together and separately in warm-ups, and will perform to MP3 accompaniment tracks of their songs. Headphones are strongly recommended, but no other technology requirements exist for the student. Both internal and external microphones work just fine. However, as always, the better your technology, the better your experience. Maximum 7 singers per class. Sub-list available.  Register and pay for this class.

Thursdays – 7-9pm, “So You Want to Collaborate” – This repertoire driven vocal technique class will accentuate the special relationship between the collaborative pianist / music director and singer. Each class will include a special guest pianist, playing live and in synch with each singer, using JamKazam. ALL participants in this class must have JamKazam, and the required hardware (external microphone, headphones, and audio interface). Video will be supplied through Zoom, and audio will be carried through JamKazam. Maximum 7 singers per class. Sub-list available.  Register and pay for this class.

ALL forms of repertoire are encouraged in both classes.


Seasonal Musical Theater Audition/Performance Workshop

This 6 week class focuses on finding appropriate audition repertoire for each singer and honing their craft for both audition and performance. The class ends with a open audition for a professional casting agent and/or stage director. This class runs for 7 weeks (6 weeks of class, 7th week audition). Pianist Provided. Maximum enrollment 10 Students. Email david@davidsabella.com to inquire about or register for this class.



As President of the New York Singing Teachers’ Association, (2008-2014) David Sabella has taught various master-classes and teacher trainings throughout the United States at various chapters of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and internationally, online, through the New York Singing Teachers’ Association Professional Development Program. The master-classes and teacher trainings vary in length from 1 hour to 7 hours. The all day workshop includes a live 2.5 hour vocal master-class. Additionally, all master-classes include PowerPoint and Mp3 resources.

Current Masterclasses:

  • Singer’s Developmental Repertoire (Teacher training offered On Demand online via www.NYST.org – 2-5 hrs)
  • Comparative Pedagogy 2010 (Teacher training offered On Demand online via www.NYST.org – 2 hrs)
  • Broadway 4.0 – An analysis of Principles and Practices used on Broadway Today (All Day Live Workshop – 7 hrs)
  • Beyond Belt – Acoustics and Mechanics of the Contemporary Belt (Mini Workshop – 1 hr without Masterclass, 3 hrs with Master-class)

In addition to these master-classes and teacher trainings SVS also offers seasonal workshops to help the aspiring artist hone their craft in the areas of Acting and Dance. These workshops are offered on an “as needed” basis. Please call to register your interest in our next series.

Musical Theater Audition/Performance Workshop

This 6 week class focuses on finding appropriate audition repertoire for each singer and honing their craft for both audition and performance. The class ends with a open audition for a professional casting agent and/or stage director. This class runs for 7 weeks (6 weeks of class, 7th week audition). $450.00 for 7 weeks, Pianist Provided. Maximum enrollment 10 Students. Call David Sabella at 917.374.5868 to inquire about or register for this class.

Additional performance and business related classes offered through www.cabarethotspot.com.

Clients in this division are either working professionals in the entertainment industry; or are enrolled in (or recently graduated from) a performance conservatory or university. (General age range 15+. However, exceptions are made for younger students on a professional performance career path).

Clients in this division may also be highly committed avocational adult singers looking to advance their vocal and performance techniques for non-professional reasons.


60 minutes Online $130.00
45 Minutes Online $97.50
30 Minutes Online $65.00
COVID-19 Individualized Fee Structure
In order to meet the artistic and financial needs of each client during the pandemic, fees may be individualized on an “as-needs” basis. Please email David for details. We are all in this together.


The Advanced Professional designation is reserved for clients who meet two or more of the following criteria:

  1. Currently Performing in an AEA Union Production (Broadway, National Tour, Regional, etc.)
  2. Earn their living exclusively in performance (Musical Theater or Classical Stage, Concert, Recording, Film, TV, etc.)
  3. Have one or more performance awards (TONY, GRAMMY, AMA, CMA, MTV, EMMY, OSCAR, etc.)
  4. Is signed to a record label, or working with a production company, who is responsible for the cost of training.


  1. 24/7 access –  On call 24/7 in all time zones for Advanced Professional singers.
  2. BUMP – Advanced Professional clients may schedule an appointment in ANY hour of the schedule. If necessary I will “bump” another client to another time-slot, in order accommodate the intricacies of an Adv Pro performance or rehearsal schedule.
  3. On Site Assessment and/or Coaching – I am available to travel as needed to support Adv Pro clients.

Payments for Advanced Professional Division Clients are processed and/or invoiced on an individual basis. No payment button for this division exists on the website.

30 minutes $130
60 minutes $260
90 Minutes $390