Sabella Voice Studio

Voice Lessons/Workshops

“The more I encounter other voice teachers, the more I realize what an exceptionally gifted instructor you are.” – Eleanor England

(ALL lessons and workshops are offered both LIVE & In Person, and ONLINE, as needed)

Clients in this division are either working professionals in the entertainment industry; or are enrolled in (or recently graduated from) a performance conservatory or university. (General age range 15+. However, exceptions are made for younger students on a professional performance career path).

Clients in this division may also be highly committed avocational adult singers looking to advance their vocal and performance techniques for non-professional reasons.


60 minutes Live or Online $140.00
45 Minutes Live or Online $110.00
30 Minutes Live or Online $  75.00

Lessons are offered LIVE (in person) and ONLINE

In recent years “Peer to Peer” internet technologies have made significant improvements, making it completely possible to have a professional voice lesson LIVE online, (in real-time and in synch) from a remote location, no matter where you live or where your professional engagements may take you.

Clients telecommute to lessons from across town or across the country, throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Varying time zones allow us to work at the time that is most convenient for YOU! If you don’t see an available time that fits in your time zone please EMAIL ME with your preference.

My Studio is fully equipped with:

  • High Definition Video Camera
  • Professional grade dynamic microphone and Audio Interface
  • Professional grade headset for optimum clarity
  • Digital and acoustic piano

There are many ways to connect:

No matter your current level of technology, there are several ways in which we can connect. Some ways offer more high fidelity, some offer lower latency, and some offer both. Filling out the “Technology Assessment” section of the lesson booking form will help me plan how to best meet your needs. We can always start on one of the traditional (higher latency, server based) platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, etc. And/or, I will suggest using one or more of these options in order to optimize your experience.

 Jamkazam – Low/no latency peer to peer solution for live real-time music collaboration (Audio and Video –

Internet Midi – Low/no latency peer to peer solution for live real-time music collaboration (midi connection only

Cleanfeed – Low Latency peer to peer solution for HIGH FIDELITY audio (

I will help you create/choose the right solution for your circumstances. YOU CAN DO THIS!

What you’ll need for an online lesson:

A Webcam (built in or external). Your Current Webcam is probably just fine. But, if you want to upgrade your Webcam the Logitec HD Pro is a very good/low cost model.

A microphone (External – USB or XLR [preferred])
If you are not sure about your microphone I recommend The Shure SM58 (this is preferred for PC Computers and will require an Audio Interface which you can get HERE.)

Another option is the Blue Yeti USB Microphone (OK for MAC Computers) which you can get HERE.

And, If you need a full audio upgrade and would like a Bundle (Microphone, Audio Interface and Headphones) here is a great deal.


A high speed internet (Ethernet) connection
An Ethernet “wired in” connection is ESSENTIAL for a good online music experience. A 50 ft Ethernet cable (Cat6 or higher) can be purchased on Amazon for less than $20. Just plug that into your router and voila! You’re good to go.

An Ethernet Port Adapter can also be purchased (HERE) if your computer does not have an Ethernet port.

And a Powerline Adapter can be used if you simply cannot run an Ethernet cable from Router to Computer which you can purchase HERE.

Please be advised that the quality of the live online experience is only as good as the hardware used to deliver it. The better your mic and Headphones, the better your experience will be. If you need further education on this type of online delivery of music  – here is a very good course offered by Cabaret Hotspot/Cabaret University – “Online Music Collaboration Made Easy”


Fordham Summer Music Theater

Summer 2023: May 30 – June 29

What do you want to be doing this summer?
Focus on your passion for five weeks this summer with The Fordham Summer Musical Theatre Intensive.

Work one-on-one and in small groups to hone your skills in song, spoken dialog, and dance. See how much you can grow as an artist this summer!

Who do you want to meet?
Professional contacts. Our teachers have years of professional experience. Knowing both the business and artistic faces of acting, they share ways to break down habits and create new entrances into character. Described as “outstanding” with an “amazing amount of knowledge to share,” the instructors provide new tools for you to use on your professional journey. Past luminaries have included Mana Allen (Core Faculty Cap21), Kenneth Marks (Uncle Ben in Spiderman), Bartlett Sher (Lincoln Center Resident Director, and director of Metropolitan Opera’s Two Boys); Chandra Lee Schwartz (Glinda in Wicked), Victoria Clark (Fairy Godmother in Cinderella), Michael Grief (director of Rent and Next to Normal), Paul McGill (Chorus Line), Heidi Blickenstaff (Little Mermaid), Michael McGoff (Production Stage Manager, La Cage aux Folles Tour), and JV Mercanti (Director/Casting Director).

Why this summer?
You are thinking ahead. Whether you plan to pursue a career in theatre or another field, your resume will need to stand out. Spending time meeting with professionals will help you learn what qualities distinguish you from other applicants. The Fordham Summer Musical Theatre Intensive is a segue into an environment that may be unfamiliar to you. Ask questions of industry leaders and test the waters of a new geography. The workshop is a step towards making and sustaining a life-long career.

For more information and to apply, click HERE

So You Want to Sing Cabaret!
(A Solo Vocal Performance Workshop)

Summer 2023: July 5 – August 7
This Solo Vocal Performance Workshop will prepare you for being the star of your own show! Grounded in the history and business of cabaret, students will work one-on-one with master teachers in vocal technique, David Sabella, Sue Matsuki, to craft their own multi-song performance. Get ready for venue doors to open now!

THEA 3067 L21
Lincoln Center: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; 1 p.m.- 4 p.m.
CRN: 15074
3 credits

In this course, students will develop the unique skills required for small venue, solo-vocal performance, from identifying your authentic voice and honing your vocal technique to connecting to the lyric, and with your audience, self-promoting and producing your own show.

Required textbook: So You Want to Sing Cabaret by David Sabella and Sue Matsuki (Rowman & Littlefield 2020).

Tuition* for this course: $3,060 (estimated 2023 rate).

*In addition to tuition, students should allocate $150 for class trips to local performance venues.

For more information and to apply, click HERE.

…an Extraordinary Teacher…

David is an extraordinary teacher with an expansive knowledge of vocal technique, musical styles and the entertainment business. Although he is an invaluable asset to any actor preparing for an audition or a full-fledged production, his greatest contribution is his ability to empower each student with a solid foundation based on proven techniques designed specifically for the individual instrument. For me, he developed a specific resonance strategy, reinforced with daily exercises and challenging musical selections, all of which can be incorporated into my audition repertoire, targeted directly to my unique vocal instrument. As a result, in less than seven months of study, I booked my first Equity lead role in a musical: Proteus in Two Gentlemen of Verona. When rehearsals began, I felt free and confident with my voice and was completely able to meet every single musical challenge that presented itself. In addition to his expertise, he is patient, kind and absolutely committed; all the makings of an exceptional teacher. I cannot recommend him more.

– Noel Velez – 

Studio Policies & FAQs

What should I bring to my first lesson?

  • Please read this entire page and then fill out and submit the Client Intake Form below, prior to attending your first lesson.
  • Please come to your appointment in comfortable, full range of motion clothing. If necessary you may bring a change of clothing with you to change into. No binding or tight clothing please.
  • Please bring an audio recording device – recent smart phones are suitable for this purpose.
  • Bring sheet music for the song(s) you wish to work on.
  • Head-shot and resume, if available.
  • Please walk in with a “ready to learn” attitude. And please don’t be nervous. We are here to help YOU!

Payment Policy

Cash, Credit/Debit, and many forms of digital/online payment such as PayPal, Square, Venmo, and Zelle are accepted. No Personal Checks please. Lessons must be paid for prior to the start of the lesson. You may pay for a single lesson or set up automatic recurring payments online HERE.

Cancellation Policy

Professional cancellation is 48 hrs in advance of your session. Appointments cancelled without 48 hr notice risk being charged the full appointment fee. However, you are always offered a makeup lesson, no matter when you cancel, even when the cancellation is without notice.

If you already have a regularly scheduled lesson, your makeup class is the second session in any given week. If you come to class every other week, your make up session can be on your “off” week, or an addition lesson in your “on” week.

If a make-up class cannot be scheduled within two week for an appointment cancelled without 48 hours notice, the student must be responsible for the entire fee.

Physical Touch Policy

During the course of study I may need to touch you at various points on the body (including and not limited to, upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back, pelvis, head, neck, and torso.) I will always endeavor to ask your verbal permission beforehand. Additionally, please indicate your acceptance of this policy while filling out your New Client Intake Form

Inclement Weather Policies

New York City (on site)

When/If New York City suspends the public school system or public transportation, then all LIVE & In Person lessons will be delivered ONLINE.

Online Lessons

All regularly scheduled online lessons remain as scheduled unless there is a power outage for either the client or instructor. If power remains but inclement weather disrupts the transmission of an online session, then the sessions is cancelled without penalty.

Transfer to Online

In addition to the Inclement Weather policy stated above, you may always choose to have your lesson delivered ONLINE. Just let me know, even if it’s right before your lesson.