The Razzle Dazzle of CHICAGO

“Will someone PLEASE put David Sabella back on Broadway?! Sabella is a Broadway caliber entertainer… (and) an exceptional cabaret performer!” Michael Barbieri, Nitelife Exchange 

“Sabella is a slick storyteller, underscoring the patter throughout to make a seamless show… allowed the piece to transcend cabaret into more one-man show territory. His voice has always been strong and agile… simple, earnest and fabulously phrased….. enough to have you humming Kander and Ebb for days.”

Randolph B. Eigenbrode, Cabaret Scenes

“The best cabaret show I have seen all year…” “A master class in how to do it…” “STOP whatever you are doing and DO NOT MISS THIS!”

Richard Skipper – Richard Skipper Celebrates

“A flagrant display of marvelous talents and music making.”

Steve Ross (The Crown Prince of the New York Cabaret)

Time Heals

“To attend one of his shows is to experience a master class in the art of cabaret. … an evening of shared intimacy and splendid emotional and artistic uplift.”

Marilyn Lester, Nitelife Exchange

“thrilling beauty and emotion that it will haunt you for days after… Such magic doesn’t come along often, and it must be celebrated. Bravo to all.”

Bart Greenburg, Cabaret Scenes

“…major wins at every turn with equally sophisticated treatments of Sondheim, Berlin, Connick and others.” … a show so satisfying that David Sabella could keep doing it for years to come…” 

“… major street creds for his decision to deconstruct, reinvent, and repurpose material with shockingly new looks at some Andrew Lippa and Stephen Sondheim, both numbers created with Mr. Hartman.” 

“With each note precisely placed, and his phrasing meticulously planned, Mr. Sabella’s vocal work in this show completely validates his reputation as a voice teacher.” 

“a very palatable voice, pretty and pristine, and one that he knows how to use, and well… able to sing so quietly as to be whispering, capturing (a) tender and vulnerable quality. Conversely, Sabella is able to bring vocal power that resonates throughout the room without becoming belty, keeping the force close to home so that it doesn’t overwhelm.” 

Stephen Mosher, Broadway World

“His multi-octave tenor achieves incredible majesty on sustained notes, with a delicate vibrato and disciplined modulations that testify to his technical excellence.”

John Hoglund, Backstage – Bistro Bits

Sing, You Sinners

…he emerges as an attractive performer with undeniable stage presence. This performer is a risk taker, and that fact lends an air of excitement to his show. By way of example, he takes a chance with an arrangement of “No Moon at All” (Evans/Mann) that is in direct opposition to the way the song is usually performed. And what a revelation! Quiet, delicate, introspective, the song takes on a wondrous new life. …keeps the audience alive with anticipation for each new number, curious and anxious to know what surprise awaits them around the next musical bend. …the show is carefully thought-out and well crafted. There is a sheen to this act that one doesn’t always find in the clubs around town.

Barbara and Scott Siegel, Theater

“Sabella smoothly modulates his voice to suit the mood and style of the music at hand. His musicianship, like that of his excellent musical director Mark Hartman, is never in question. Their taste is always above reproach.”

David Hurst, Show Business Weekly

No More Mrs. Nice Guy

“Mr. Sabella has always been an accomplished singer, Broadway and opera star, who is a pleasure to hear, but in this show, he proves himself to be a deft comedian with a mordant wit, wry perspective and that all-important perfect timing. …fully emerging as a charming leading man with a sense of humor and a marvelous vocal facility-in all ranges. The songs showcase Mr. Sabella’s incredibly strong singing and his acting skill. Like Sutton Foster, the star of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Mr. Sabella is one of those rare singers who can take you into the heart of a song, simply and unselfconsciously, allowing the music and the lyrics to work their magic. Mr. Sabella consistently hits his emotional marks in ways that will surprise and move you. …a richly conceived evening that is a real delight and part of the vanguard of extraordinary cabaret performance.

Chris Byrne, Gay City News

Classical Countertenor

“In the title role (Giulio Cesare), Sabella displayed a pleasing, golden-hued voice and a strong stage presence.”

Sorab Modi, Opera News

“His coloratura had a liquid flexibility, and he gave thoughtful dynamic shaping to his lines. His emotional approach to the role was particularly suited to the tomb scene in which he mourned the death of Pompey.”

Lee Tepley, Virginian Pilot

“I must single out a special role…David Sabella proved to be a real spirit as the acerbic Prince Orlofsky.”

Burt Saidel, Dayton Register

Illegit: A Cabaret Countertenor Conundrum