David changed my life. I thought I couldn’t ever be a “singer” and now I know I can. It’ll be a year in November that I’ve been studying with David, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

-Jennifer Biederman

He helped me get past years of poor technique. He made it possible for me to sing a high G well, and for as long as I wanted, 8 shows a week. He is a sensitive singing coach who finds the right vocabulary for each individual student.

-Gregory Jbara ™

Before David, I was a dancer who could hold a tune, now I am a singer, dancer, AND actor who has the desire and ability to go into any type of audition. I have gained my confidence not only as a vocal technician, but also as a performer. David also coached me through a vocal injury that brought me back to full vocal health and beyond. He’s a wizard!!!

-Alexis Carra (The Pirate Queen, Wicked, Sweet Charity, Fame)

On BROADWAY 4.0 Workshop

In this comprehensive course and presentation, and with an appealing personality, Mr. Sabella sensibly outlines the principles and practices of today’s Contemporary Musical Theater. He attentively outlines and illustrates contrasting sound spectrums, and analyzes the singer’s very important physical and vocal type; he explores selecting repertoire for developing voices and matches repertoire to technical tasks; he demonstrates how to invent vocalizes from repertoire, and how and when to increase the vocal demand; and he also indicates directions to find new repertoire. Mr. Sabella’ incomparable knowledge of Musical Theater, and his thorough organization assembles a memorable and informative body of valuable information advantageous to students and teachers alike.

BARBARA DYER – Vice President, NATS, Los Angeles


I have (finally!) had a chance to sit down and view my Singer’s Developmental Repertoire sessions [on the NYSTA website] and I have to THANK YOU!  Words cannot express how amazed I was by your presentation.  I have taught singing for over twenty years and felt like I’d been presented a whole new world of vocal pedagogy for music theater.Thank you also for the music you included!  I, of course, knew of Kristen Chenoweth but had never heard Two Little Words from Steal Pier.  What a tour de force for a coloratura soprano! Thank you for opening my mind and my teaching!  Wow!


DR. MONICA MURRAYVocal Studies – Coordinator,
Concordia University – St. Paul

The more I encounter other voice teachers, the more I realize what an exceptionally gifted instructor you are.
Eleonor England

David is an extraordinary teacher with an expansive knowledge of vocal technique, musical styles and the entertainment business. Although he is an invaluable asset to any actor preparing for an audition or a full-fledged production, his greatest contribution is his ability to empower each student with a solid foundation based on proven techniques designed specifically for the individual instrument. For me, he developed a specific resonance strategy, reinforced with daily exercises and challenging musical selections, all of which can be incorporated into my audition repertoire, targeted directly to my unique vocal instrument. As a result, in less than seven months of study, I booked my first Equity lead role in a musical: Proteus in Two Gentlemen of Verona. When rehearsals began, I felt free and confident with my voice and was completely able to meet every single musical challenge that presented itself. In addition to his expertise, he is patient, kind and absolutely committed; all the makings of an exceptional teacher. I cannot recommend him more.
Noel Velez

Through my work with David I was able to land the big job and maintain my vocal health while out on the road. His knowledge of the voice and its physiology are far and above anyone I have ever worked with. Rather than giving you all sorts of imagery and “placement” jargon, he tells you exactly what is happening in your body, and what you can do to improve the range, quality, and ease of your singing. Now that I am back off of the road I have started taking with him again, and after one lesson I have already noticed an improvement. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about their vocal training.
Joe Abraham

The Little Mermaid, Hairspray, Shrek

David Sabella, if this is possible, is over-qualified to teach singing. Opera and Broadway are his bread and butter, having performed extensively in both arenas. As a teacher, he knows how to accurately diagnose a problem and prescribe a technique to fix it. I have worked with him for over three years, and he has helped me grow into a professional, WORKING actor and singer. If you are considering switching to a new voice teacher, or new appraoch, David Sabella is your man
Margaret Laney

Stage/TV Actress

I owe my professional career to David. I came to him raw. I didn’t quite know how to use my body. He taught me how to become. Real singer that can book jobs and work. But best of all he cares. When I got married I came back to him so I could work on music for my wedding. I owe him a great deal. But mostly he helped make me a professional so. Could do what I love. Sing.
Gail Frankel


I’ve been working in the musical theatre in New York (Broadway and off-Broadway), L.A., and the regions for 26 years…and I have RARELY found a vocal coach as talented, capable and committed as David Sabella. His knowledge of the voice and its workings is COMPLETE, and his desire to help each student separately (at ANY level) is a quality unique to truly great teachers. I couldn’t recommend ANYONE more highly!!!
Peter Van Norden

Little Johnny Jones, The Accused, The Stand

While I love to sing, I first came to David for help with public speaking and TV work. David’s organic approach connects the body to the voice in the way that no one I have ever worked with previously has been able to do. David’s passion for the work, commitment and attention to detail are rare not just in vocal coaching but in today’s business environment. Each lesson has contained a moment of discovery, small or large, that makes this process not just practical and essential for my work but richly rewarding and personally exciting. Most importantly, I can now do a six-hour–or more–broadcast day, or consecutive full days of public speaking without needing to “recover.”
Chris Byrne

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